Ultradent™ Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors

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Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors are ideal for fine trimming of whitening trays to carefully adjust the tray material to the patient’s natural anatomy.

  • Use for precision trimming of the border around interdental papillae
  • Spring loaded to minimize finger fatigue
  • Grips tray material easily
  • Made of durable stainless steel

Indications for Use

After gross trimming of tray is complete, use Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors to precisely trim the borders of the whitening tray as a final adaptation.

Tray Fabrication Step by Step

– See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

  1. Pour impression with fast-set plaster or dental stone. Pour alginate shortly after making impression to ensure accuracy. Trimming is less work if quantity of stone is kept to a minimum. Palate and tongue areas are not poured or should be removed after plaster has set. Allow model to dry two hours.

    Pour impression
  2. For reservoir spaces, apply Ultradent™ LC Block-Out resin approximately 0.5 mm thick onto labial surfaces and approximately 1.5 mm shy of the gingival margin. DO NOT extend onto incisal edges or occlusal surfaces. Using a VALO™ curing light, cure each tooth 5 seconds. Wipe off oxygen inhibition layer.

    apply Ultradent LC Block-Out resin
  3. With a vacuum former, heat tray material (Sof-Tray™ Classic Sheets) until it sags approximately 1 inch. Adapt plastic over model. Cool and remove model from the vacuum former. Cut excess bulk of material away with serrated plastic trimmers (e.g. Ultradent™ Utility Cutters).

    heat tray material
  4. With small tactile scissors (e.g. Ultradent™ Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors), carefully and precisely trim the tray to the clear line which is at the gingival height. Scallop edges to avoid contact with gingival tissue.

    trim the tray to the clear line
  5. Return tray to model; check tray extensions. Gently flame polish the edges one quadrant at a time, if necessary, with a butane torch. While still warm, immediately hold periphery of each segment firmly against model for three seconds with water-moistened gloved finger. If this over-thins the tray material, fabricate a new tray.

    Return tray to model
  6. Review enclosed instructions with patient to brush teeth and explain the process of loading the tray by expressing one continuous bead of gel approximately halfway up from the incisal edge on the facial side of the tray from molar to molar. Explain that this should use about 1/2 to 1/3 of a syringe.

    Review enclosed instructions
  7. Place tray over teeth. Gently press tray to move gel into place. Pressing too firmly will force gel out of tray.

    Place tray over teeth
  8. Remove excess gel with a soft toothbrush.

    Remove excess gel
  9. Clean tray with soft toothbrush and water. Remind patient to follow the whitening regimen you have established. Note: See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

    Clean tray with soft toothbrush and water

Trimming the Tray​

The Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors are used for precise trimming of custom whitening trays.

Scalloping Scissors

Spring Loaded to Reduce Finger Fatigue

Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors feature a spring-loaded design that allows the scissors to open automatically, which helps to reduce finger fatigue.

Precisely Crafted

Precision trimming of a whitening tray requires a precision-made instrument. The small, exact end of the Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors makes creating a border around interdental papillae easy.

Easily Grips Tray Material

The precise tip ends of the Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors grip the tray material, which makes trimming even easier.

Watch this step-by-step technique using alginate, LC Block-Out resin, and a vacuum former to create custom whitening trays.

Ultra-Trim scalloping scissors (Item Number: 791605)

Q: When trimming the tray, how close should I come to the gingival margin?

No. ​Try to leave about a 0.25 to 0.33mm from the gingival margin.

Q: Do Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors need to be sharpened?

A: If properly cared for, Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors will provide years of satisfactory use. Like any pair of scissors, over time the blades will begin to dull. When that happens, we recommend retiring the old pair and using a new pair, rather than trying to have the blades sharpened.

Q: Do I really need special scissors for trimming a whitening tray?

A: Other scissors may be able to do precise trimming as well, but the Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors are specially designed to easily cut through the durable vinyl material with precise detail, in the safest and quickest way possible.