CRD Item Number: 337225
Manufacturer Item Number: H1SML31.RASL.004.A2
Endodontic Access Burs
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The EndoTracer is a special instrument intended for the preparation of the endodontic access cavity, notably in the preparation of isthmuses. The root canals of multi-rooted teeth tend to be difficult to locate, which means that they cannot always be exposed and penetrated instantly as part of endodontic treatment. In many cases, an isthmus has to be created along the entire length – or at least part of it – in order to locate a hidden canal.

The EndoTracer has a long slim neck to allow unobstructed view past the instrument into the access cavity. The dentist can look right down into the deeper regions of the cavity, which greatly facilitates the exposure of the pulp chamber floor, the conservative opening of the root canal entrances and the exposure of obliterated root canals.

Minimally invasive approach: thanks to their special design, the petite round burs – especially the sizes 004 and 006 – are ideally suitable for the fine shaping of isthmuses and canal entrances, in line with the concept of minimally invasive endodontics.

Ideal for work under a microscope: the particularly long, slender neck of the instrument allows unobstructed view past the instrument into the access cavity. Provided with a total length of 34 mm.

The perfect size for any tooth: the EndoTracer comes in 6 different sizes: 004, 006, 008, 010, 012 and 014. This range comprises a perfect instrument for any clinical situation.

Effective cutting blade geometry: the EndoTracers provide effective, powerful carbide flutes. They can remove dentin in a minimally invasive manner and expose the access cavity practically without pressure.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

endo access comet

Watch Dr. Andrei Ionescu, DMD (@endodonticcare in Guelph, ON) using deep-trougher EndoTracer burs to reach the pulpal floor and coronal portion of root canals. Dr. Ionescu notes that EndoTracers are an excellent tool for finding hidden root canals.

31 mm Length

  • H1SML31.RASL.004* (Item Number: 337225): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML31.RASL.006 (338013): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML31.RASL.008 (337108): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML31.RASL.010 (338014): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML31.RASL.012 (337109): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML31.RASL.014 (337226): 5-Pack.

34 mm Length

  • H1SML34.RASL.004* (338216): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML34.RASL.006 (338217): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML34.RASL.008 (338218): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML34.RASL.010 (338219): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML34.RASL.012 (338220): 5-Pack.
  • H1SML34.RASL.014 (337221): 5-Pack.

*The size 004 is particularly suitable for work on deep isthmuses under a microscope.

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