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Ultradent™ Astringedent™ 15.5% Ferric Sulfate

CRD Item Number: 711111

Manufacturer SKU: 111-CN

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Known as the “classic” hemostatic agent, Astringedent™ is an aqueous, 15.5% ferric sulfate solution with a pH of ~1.0. It’s more tissue kind than ferric subsulfate solutions.

Astringedent™ achieves profound hemostasis in seconds and is highly recommended for control of bleeding, sulcular fluid control and vital pulpotomies.

  • Aqueous, 15.5% ferric sulfate hemostatic solution
  • Ideal for soaking retraction cord, because it’s more aqueous than other hemostatic agents
  • Eliminates sulcular fluid contamination for optimal bonding
  • Use with Metal Dento-Infusor tips for best delivery to the sulcus

Indications for Use

Use Astringedent™ to arrest oral capillary bleeding or sulcular fluids during dental treatment and oral surgery including: fixed prosthodontics, restorative-operative, and periodontal treatment. Astringedent may also be used for retrofillings, tooth impactions, gingivectomies and as a “fixative” for pulpotomies.

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  1. ​Burnish the hemostatic agents firmly against the sulcus until bleeding stops. (No more coagulum forms.)

    ViscoStat Procedure 1
  2. ​A blunt, bent cannula with padded "scrub brush" enables infusing and cleaning in the cut sulcus.

    ViscoStat Procedure 2
  3. Apply firm air/water spray to remove residual coagulum and test tissue for quality, profound hemostasis. If bleeding continues, repeat infusion technique.

    ViscoStat Procedure 3
  4. ​After complete hemostasis has been reached, excellent retraction is achieved through the use of Ultrapak knitted cord.

    ViscoStat Procedure 4

Ultradent’s Tissue Management system continuously sets the standard for superior control and predictability. Confidently achieve any level of hemostasis with Ultradent's line of Tissue Management products.

“I recently had to practice at another dental office that only used Expasil* for hemostasis. It made me realize how much I love Astringedent for its ease of use. Astringedent is easily applied and works instantly, unlike Expasil. Now that I am starting my own solo practice, I will have Astringedent available for all of my operative procedures.”

Dr. Cheryl Atiga — Murrieta, CA

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Recommended Tips: Metal Dento-Infusor Tip Refill or Blue Mini Dento-Infusor Tip Refill

Recommended Syringes: 1.2mL Empty Syringe Refill