3M™ Imprint™ 4 Bite Registration

CRD Item Number: 3-106205

Manufacturer SKU: 71529

Vendor Solventum
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Imprint 4 VPS Bite Registration Material delivers fast and accurate bite registrations. Includes two 50mL cartridges, five green 3M Garant™ Mixing Tips, and five 3M Garant Intra-Oral Tip Bites.

With its great flow properties and no slump consistency, Imprint 4 Bite material does not lock into undercuts or interdental areas. Material hardness and low flexibility after setting allows for easy cutting and trimming as well as accurate positioning of stone models.

Offers a convenient working time and a short setting time of only 60 seconds, keeping procedures moving quickly while enhancing patient comfort Imprint 4 Bite is scannable and can be used for an optical registration of occlusal data for CAD/CAM systems.

3M Imprint4 Bite Registration Material (Item Number: 3-106205) includes:

  • 2 x 50mL cartridges
  • 5 x green 3M™ Garant™ Mixing Tips
  • 5 x 3M™ Garant™ Intra-Oral Tip Bites