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Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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The Bioclear™ DC HD matrices are for closing large black triangles where there is still contact between the teeth, they are not for closing full diastemas where there is no contact present. They hold their shape better than traditional matrices and are more resistant to deformation. Like traditional Bioclear Diastema Closure matrices, Bioclear DC HD matrices are for creating new and exaggerated emergence profiles, closing gingival diastemas larger than 1mm, and for large black triangles, but are stiffer than the original Bioclear Diastema Closure matrices.

Both the HD DC matrices and the traditional Diastema Closure matrices offer predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile, have a shape that allows for injection/placement of composite into the embrasure without fear of leaving an overhanging margin, and leave the interproximal composite smooth and properly contoured due to their Mylar composition.

Indications for Use

Bioclear Anterior Matrices are used for everyday restorative dentistry in aesthetic treatments where large spaces need to be filled.

Bioclear Anterior Matrix Kit 2017 Dental Advisor Award
Bioclear HD Diastema Closure Matrix Sizes

Dr. David Clark demonstrates the dental procedure to close a midline diastema using composite filling materials and the Bioclear Matrix System.

HD Diastema Closure Matrices are available in 25-packs:

  • HD DC201 - Upper Mesial (Item Number: 208711)
  • HD DC202 - Upper Distal (208712)
  • HD DC203 - Small Incisor (208713)

View clinical technique article The Bioclear Matrix and Peg Lateral Treatment in Inside Dentistry with Dr. David Clark where he details a treatment using the Bioclear Diastema Closure Matrices.

View the Bioclear Matrix Systems Information Booklet.

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