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User Report: Petteri Viljakainen

You would not want to be without a curing light in your dental practice. As they are used repeatedly on a daily basis, they are vital for the success of numerous dental procedures. Alongside the drill, a curing light is probably one of the most important tools in a dental practice. In order to obtain perfectly polymerized restorations, the curing light’s intensity as well as its handling properties are crucial.

It is some years ago now, that I started using curing lights belonging to the well-known VALO™ family, in my case the VALO™ Grand (Ultradent Products). Being more than happy with the features and performance of these devices, I was of course curious and keen to also work with the newest member of this product family, the VALO™ X.

The lens of the VALO X is much larger when compared with competitor products. The diameter of 12.5 mm makes my workflow significantly quicker, as a complete tooth surface, or alternatively a whole MOD restoration can be illuminated in one go. Considering the proverb “time is money”, this is especially interesting when dealing with retainers or aligner attachments. Thanks to its high-intensity LED light, covering a wavelength of 380 – 515 nm, the VALO X polymerizes all light-cured dental materials, including those with camphorquinone and the entire range of proprietary photoinitiators. It offers an optimally collimated beam, delivering a consistent, uniform power over a range of surfaces and working distances. These features make me confident of achieving reliable and long-lasting results due to uniform and even curing processes.
VALO handpiece curing teeth

Standard Power Mode, which lasts 10 seconds and achieves perfect results in most cases. The Xtra Power Mode is great to point cure veneers with the help of its three pulses of each 1.66 seconds. I also use the additional two diagnostic modes with white and black light respectively to detect resin leftover from brackets.

It could not be easier.

The functionalities of the curing modes, as well as the diagnostic modes are increased by a set of five accessory lenses: three diagnostic lenses and two curing lenses. I personally appreciate the flexibility and freedom these great little helpers give me in so many different situations. They facilitate my work in many ways, by spreading or concentrating the light or by modifying the beam, making it a bit wider or smaller. The lenses can be changed very quickly thanks to a convenient magnetic system, according to the needs of each individual treatment scenario. I particularly love using the PointCure Lens, which concentrates the light into a 2.5 mm aperture for tacking veneers and all sorts of porcelain crowns. When examining for cavities, I simply attach the TransLume Lens. This lens provides a longer

wavelength light and transilluminates the teeth in order to visualize cracks, fractures and defects. It also helps me to determine the depth of the lesions. The perfect adjunct is the Interproximal Lens, which aids to detect lesions between the teeth. It is extremely slim, so that I can visualize in between the teeth without any problems.

Working repeatedly with my curing light each day, I furthermore attach great importance to its handling characteristics. The cordless VALO X can effortlessly be carried from room to room and used wherever it is needed. Despite the battery-driven technology, I never fear running out of power, as one fully charged set of batteries usually lasts multiple days, even when using it several times a day. Sometimes I only have to re-charge my VALO X every other week. The VALO X is lightweight and very slim. The handling is therefore very comfortable and easy, even when it comes to longer courses of treatment, my arms and hands never feel tired. The VALO X enables ideal access to all areas of the mouth - even to posterior regions and other difficult to reach areas. I always get a perfect view on my

working field due to the very slender lightguide.

When I have used other curing lights, I struggled continuously with the handling. Typically, these lights had several buttons which I had to look at during the treatment, trying to remember which one I had to press and finally trying to activate the right one. This was quite confusing and annoying. Luckily the VALO X only has two buttons and therefore offers extremely easy and streamlined usage. Additionally, it offers a completely new way to move between modes: simply by shaking the light quickly in a particular direction. That’s a really smart and innovative feature, which I have never seen before in a curing light. Due to its clever design, the VALO X is equally easy to clean and disinfect. You will not find any overhangs on the surface, especially around the buttons.

To sum it up: the VALO X is far more than a simple LED curing light. It offers flexibility and a maximum ease of use, combined with the freedom of having various tools and functions in one single device – at the cost of only one product.

About the Author

Petteri Viljakainen

Petteri Viljakainen, DDS

• Graduation, University Helsinki, Finland in 2009

• Dentist and partner at the eSmile practices in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland focused on cosmetic dentistry

Focus & Special Interests:

• Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, with continuous participations in lectures and seminars worldwide


• Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

• Accredited member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD)

• Accredited member of the IAS Academy

Other activities:

• Key Opinion Leader for leading dental manufacturers

• International lecturer and hands-on trainer on dental materials and techniques as well as on dental photography.

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This article was originally published in the Clinical Life™ magazine: Winter 2024 edition

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