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When it comes to dental procedures, precision is paramount. To achieve this precision, choosing the right dental instrument is crucial. Komet® has made the selection process easier through the innovative Diamond Colour-Code System. This system simplifies the identification of diamond bur grits, ensuring that you have the right tool at your fingertips for each procedure.

Understanding Grit and Colour Codes:

In the world of dentistry, different procedures demand varying levels of tooth structure removal. This is where grit comes into play, as it dictates the coarseness of a dental bur. Komet diamond burs feature colour-coded rings that allow you to swiftly determine the grit as soon as you pick up the instrument.

Extra-Coarse - Purple

diamond bur with Particle grit size: 230 microns

Particle grit size: 230 microns

Example: Deep Purple™ diamond burs, designed for fast, effective substance removal. 

Application:  Crown preparation.

Super-Coarse - Black

a super coarse diamond bur with 180 microns particle grit size

Particle grit size: 180 microns

Application:  Crown preparation.

Coarse - Green 

coarse diamond bur with Particle grit size: 151 microns

Particle grit size: 151 microns

Application:  Crown preparation.

Medium - No Colour

diamond bur with Particle grit size: 107 microns

Particle grit size: 107 microns

Application:  Crown preparation.

Fine - Red

diamond burwith Particle grit size: 46 microns

Particle grit size: 46 microns

Application:  Finishing.

Extra-Fine - Yellow

extra-fine diamond bur with Komet® 8856 Tapered Chamfer Diamond Preparation Bur

Particle grit size: 25 microns

Application:  Finishing.

Ultra-Fine - White

diamond bur with Particle grit size: 8 microns

Particle grit size: 8 microns

Application:  Finishing.

Komet's range includes coarser burs (extra-coarse, super-coarse, and coarse grits) tailored for precision cutting, as well as finer burs (fine, extra-fine, and ultra-fine grits) ideal for meticulous finishing. Medium grit diamond burs shine in operative dentistry, offering a versatile option. Take a look at this Bur Colour Identification Chart for Komet Tungsten Carbide, Diamond burs, Polishers with examples of use and optimal speed recommendations.

Beyond Grit: Application and Shape Matters

Diamond burs are versatile tools, finding application in various dental procedures. They shine in restorations like veneering, crown preparations, bridge work, and the delicate art of adjusting contact points. For those working with zirconia crowns, specialized zirconia burs offer a smooth, precise route through the material.

Shape is another critical factor in choosing the right bur for your task. Round-shaped rotary burs excel at creating access points, while safe-end burs are the choice for flattening and flaring these access points.

Read more in our helpful guide - "How to Choose Dental Burs".

Looking Ahead

At CRD, we're committed to not just providing quality dental instruments but also ensuring that you have the knowledge needed to make the best choices in your practice. We're here to support your journey, making every procedure precise and successful.

To delve deeper into Komet's wide range of dental rotary instruments, request a hands-on demo with your local Clinical Advisor or download our Komet Bur Conversion Card. It's your key to unlocking precision and excellence in your dental practice.

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