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The cost of delivering dentistry is seemingly always on the rise. With an increased interest in being more involved in their treatment, the well-informed patient has placed a spotlight on receiving high quality esthetic restorations provided in a safe and time-efficient manner. To this end, dentists are constantly adopting new techniques that balance patient expectations with the economics of running a profitable practice, all without compromising the quality of the restorative product or the patient’s overall experience.

Purple pre-polisher in contact with upper tooth

A.S.A.P. Dailies Pre-polisher

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Bob Margeas, DDS.

Purple and pink Dailies pre-polishers crossed

While not a large part of an office’s overhead, the dental products you choose can have a far greater effect on the quality of the final restoration, along with the profitability of the procedure. For instance, attaining a remarkable high gloss luster on a meticulously contoured composite restoration to mimic natural tooth structure is the ultimate goal of the restorative dentist. Achieving this objective used to involve a multi-step polishing regimen using various shapes of polishers, consuming costly chair time and creating an expansive and expensive inventory. This is certainly an area of the restorative technique that has benefited from product innovations. An appropriate example is the A.S.A.P.® All Surface Access Polishing system. A.S.A.P. Polishers have greatly reduced both time and inventory to produce and exceed the esthetic potential of the various shapes and sizes of the older polishing systems with the unique ability to produce the ultimate luster on all composites in under one minute. Furthermore, these versatile spiral polishers are effective on all ceramics and provisional materials.

The A.S.A.P. All Surface Access Polisher line-up from Clinician’s Choice® has further expanded to include the innovative A.S.A.P.® Dailies. In less than a minute, these flexible spiral polishers can access any surface of the tooth, producing a high gloss luster on composites, zirconia, lithium disilicate, ceramics, and provisional materials. A.S.A.P. Dailies, with a plastic latch-driven shank, strike a balance between expensive single polishers that require careful inventory control, and multi-use polishers. Each set of A.S.A.P. Dailies is designed to provide fast, optimal polishing for virtually all the composite restorations typically fabricated in an average clinical day. A new set of A.S.A.P. Dailies are used to start each day, autoclaved after each procedure (min. 3 times), then appropriately discarded at the end of the day. A.S.A.P. Dailies provide fast, efficient, and effective polishing, capable of withstanding several sterilization cycles, providing the convenience of a disposable polisher system without the high cost of single-use polishers and their need for robust inventory.


Why not choose a polishing system that is as effective on every type of composite in use today? A.S.A.P. Dailies are a diamond particle-based polishing system, enabling them to create the same high luster polish on zirconia, lithium disilicate, ceramics, and provisional materials as efficiently as they do on composite. The need to purchase and inventory different polishing systems is eliminated with the versatile A.S.A.P. Dailies polishing system.

Pre-operative view showing upper peg lateral incisor

Before: Pre-operative view showing upper peg lateral incisor.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Bob Margeas, DDS.

Teeth with gap now restored

After: Final restoration utilizing Evanesce™ shade A1 Enamel and A.S.A.P. Dailies.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Bob Margeas, DDS.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

With only one shape, one size and two steps, A.S.A.P. Dailies deliver the highest luster in as little as 30 seconds on virtually all the restorative substrates in your practice. Their 11mm diameter can reach anywhere in the mouth, including pedodontic restorations and mouths with limited opening. The flexible spiral shape of A.S.A.P. Dailies accesses all surfaces of the tooth and require only 15-20 seconds of contact with the material surface with each step to be effective. A quick switch from the purple Pre-polisher to the peach-colored Final High Shine Polisher results in significant chair time savings and the highest esthetic outcome.

Reliability and Durability

There is a great deal of convenience in starting each day with a new set of A.S.A.P. Dailies, using them for all the composite cases you are likely to encounter, then discarding them. The clinical performance of A.S.A.P. Dailies is not affected by the numerous sterilization cycles they are likely to encounter in the average daily clinical setting.

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Doctor Douglas Harvey

Douglas Harvey, BSC, DDS

Dr. Douglas Harvey is a consultant in Clinical Affairs with Clinician’s Choice Dental Products. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Doctor of Dental Surgery, both from the University of Western Ontario. He served as a dental officer at the Canadian National Defence headquarters before enjoying a career in solo general practice until 2015. Dr. Harvey has been a long-standing member of the International Dental Study Club, and has served in organized dentistry at the local and provincial levels in Canada.

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