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Komet® Operative Diamonds and Carbides

Komet® is the world leader in the production of dental rotary instruments with over 95 years of unparalleled manufacturing excellence in the dental industry. Here, we outline instruments useful in your day-to-day practice: cavity preparation burs, crown & bridge burs, depth cutters, and finishers. To learn more about each of these instruments--or the entire line of Komet products--book a free in person or virtual demonstration.

Restorative Carbides | Cavity Preparation, Crown & Bridge, Depth Cutters

The #330 and #245 burs are the most popular composite restoration bur as they produce nicely rounded internal line angles (no sharp corners) and are .8mm in diameter at the widest part of the cutting head. The H24 or #330MW is a version of the #330 where the cutting length is 2.0 mm

which can also be used to achieve a 2 mm incisal depth cut.

ZR Diamonds™ | Crown & Bridge

ZR-Diamonds have been the premier choice for working with modern high-strength ceramics since their introduction into the dental marketplace. Unmatched in versatility and performance, ZR-Diamonds address these real, everyday challenges by providing superior results quickly and with minimal effort.


• Permanently bonded, high-quality diamond particles

• Densely packed diamond layer

• Outstanding durability & extended service life

• Optimal material-reduction capacity

• Extensive range of shapes and sizes to meet all needs

See all available ZR-Diamonds.

Q-Finishers | Working on Fillings

Developed with an innovative cutting design, Q-Finishers allow you to finish composite restorations in just two steps. Additionally, the pressure-sensitive design allows for safe and efficient removal of adhesives in Orthodontic debonding procedures.



• Time-saving (fewer burs required)

• Special cross-cut flute design that effectively

removes, adjusts and polishes all composite restorations

• Cost savings – only two instruments are needed

• Smooth, non-cutting tips – tapered instruments H134Q (338005) and H135Q (338009) with their non-cutting tips assure gentle finishing without damage to the gingiva

See all available Q-Finishers.

Deep Purple Diamonds | Crown Preparation

Komet’s innovative Deep Purple™ diamonds are specially designed for fast, effective substance removal.

Deep Purple diamonds feature high quality and uniformly sizes, extra-coarse diamond grains embedded at the optimal depth for effective, rapid, reliable performance. (1900##, 190####)


• Efficient substance removal

• Reliable performance

• Reduces clogging

See all available Deep Purple.

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