Clinical Research Dental and Oral Care Company TePe® Enter Exclusive Partnership for Canada & the Caribbean 

LONDON, ON (May 8, 2023) – Today, Clinical Research Dental (CRD) and Swedish Oral Care company TePe® proudly announce an exclusive distribution partnership covering Canada and the Caribbean. TePe is a global company in the development of quality oral health products, including interdental brushes, toothpicks, toothbrushes, and specialty toothbrushes, with subsidiaries and distribution around the world. By partnering with CRD, TePe expands the brand’s coverage with the support of a seasoned national team of Clinical Advisors, many of whom have clinical, practice, and hygiene experience.

“We are extremely excited to enter into a partnership with such a world-renowned brand whose reputation for quality, innovation and sustainability matches their passion for bringing awareness of better oral health through preventive care,” states Lawrence Marmai, CRD’s VP of Sales & Business Development. “TePe’s global success is a direct result of developing products and solutions based on clinical knowledge in collaboration with dental professionals. This approach of education and clinical excellence is woven into TePe’s corporate culture, which makes for a perfect fit with the core values of CRD.”

“Sustainability and health for people and the planet, now and for future generations, is a key priority for TePe,” says Lawrence de Guzman, head of the International Business Expansion Team for TePe. “Guided by the vision to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health, TePe raises awareness about prevention and the connection between oral health and general health. Taking a holistic approach, TePe integrates sustainability in everything we do. One example is investing in 100% renewable energy at our headquarters production site, supplemented with a solar power plant. Aiming for circularity, TePe recently launched a new toothbrush, TePe Choice™, with are usable wooden handle and a replaceable brush head.

Improving global health and driving sustainable development can only be realized through collaboration. Thus, we are very pleased to join forces with Clinical Research Dental and work for positive development and increased quality of life in Canada.”

This partnership brings value to existing CRD clientele with the expansion of our hygiene portfolio and greatly increases TePe brand awareness to thousands of clinicians in Canada and the Caribbean. Both TePe and CRD highly value education, and the two companies will be working together to bring TePe’s continuing education materials to Canadian dental professionals via lectures, webinars, clinical articles, and more in the coming months. Both companies also believe the Swedish-made products and the commitment to sustainability will resonate with the growing demand for ethical sourcing and product selection.

Hubermed Inc, based in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, will continue to distribute TePe products as an authorized sub distributor.

About TePe®

A family-owned global company founded in 1965 in Malmö, Sweden by introducing wood carver Henning Eklund’s creation with the scientific support of two professors at the School of Dentistry in Sweden: the triangular dental stick, a significant contribution to dental care at the time. Their efforts within life science and health awareness are one of their keys to success and one of the reasons why so many dentists have been partners with TePe for decades and recommend TePe’s products to their patients. TePe’s focus is on prevention and providing better oral health to their customers. Learn more about them at or on their Instagram @tepe_global.

About Clinical Research Dental

Founded by current CEO, Peter Jordan in 1985, Clinical Research Dental provides dentists throughout Canada with selected clinically proven, industry leading products and techniques designed to solve the everyday clinical challenges of their esthetic restorative procedures. The organization’s core values are established on providing dental professionals innovative solutions and leading education to support them in providing clinical excellence for their patients. For more information about Clinical Research Dental, visit or at @clinicalresearchdental on Instagram.