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To evanesce means to disappear gradually; vanish; fade away. True to its name, Evanesce™ Universal Composite blends effortlessly with natural dentition. Formulated with a proprietary process to optimize the reflective and refractive index of its unique nano pigments and fillers, you’ll be amazed by its ability to disappear or what we call its “evanesce effect”.

Amazing esthetics can be easily achieved with Evanesce and its simple technique often requires only a single shade or, in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite. Evanesce is available in multiple shades that match the VITA shade guide and three opacities – Enamel, Universal, and Dentin. "Enamel
FX" Shades: White, Incisal, and Clear as well as two bleach shades, help to enhance esthetic enamel characterization often required for anterior cases. Evanesce is also highly polishable providing the ultimate in restorative esthetics. A further advantage for Evanesce is its high flexural strength, which is important when completing anterior restorations.

This past October, we ran the Spot the Restoration contest to highlight the Evanesce Effect. The first case was an anterior case. The “After” image was emailed and posted on social media and people had two weeks to guess where they thought the restoration was completed with Evanesce.
Anterior teeth isolated with dental dam

The following five answers were provided, and people had to choose the one they thought was the correct one:

Anterior Options

1) 11 Distal Class III / 12 Mesial Class III

2) 21 Distal Class III / 12 Distal Class III

3) 21 Mesial Class III / 13 Mesial Class III

4) 11 Facial Class V / 21 Facial Class V

5) 21 Distal Class IV

before and after restoration of anterior teeth isolated with dental dam

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Melissa Seibert, DMD

Donna Lee Gilbert presenting Dr. John Selim a Sonos Move Speaker

CRD Clinical Advisor Donna Lee Gilbert presenting Dr. John Selim a Sonos Move Speaker

The anterior case proved to be tricky, and we had lots of guesses spread out equallyacross the five multiple choice options given. In the end, Dr. John Selim from Dental Health Centre in Windsor was the

winner of the draw from the people who correctly guessed that the 11 Distal Class III / 12 Mesial Class III was the restoration completed with Evanesce. He is the winner of a Sonos Move Speaker valued at $500.

Evanesce exhibits excellent compressive strength which is crucial for long-lasting posterior restorations. It features ideal, slump-free handling making Class I and Class II restorations more efficient and predictable. Evanesce will not stick to your instruments, eliminating composite pull-back and air bubbles that can result in postoperative sensitivity and microleakage.

Dental Advisor logo with 4 and a half pluses
Evanesce composite syringe
posterior teeth

The second case in the Spot the Restoration contest featured a posterior restoration done with Evanesce. Again, people had two weeks to review the case and pick one of the multiple-choice answers.

The five possible options for the posterior case were as follows:

Posterior Options

1) 15 DO

2) 14 MOD

3) 15 MOD & 14 DO

4) 14 MO & 15 DO

5) 16 MO & 13 DL

posterior teeth before and after restoration

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Megan Shelton, DMD

We had a tremendous response to the posterior case, with lots of people guessing correctly that the 15 MOD / 14 DO was restored with Evanesce. Congratulations to Dr. James Hu from Legacy Dental Centre in North Vancouver whose name was drawn. He is the winner of Compo-Ject Compule Dispensing gun valued at $422.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. If you would like to see first-hand how Evanesce can work in your practice, scan the following QR code to request a demo and one of our Clinical

Advisors will reach out to you to schedule an appointment

CRD Clinical Advisor Jason Meltzer presenting Dr. James  Hu a Compo-Ject Compule Gun.

CRD Clinical Advisor Jason Meltzer presenting Dr. James

Hu a Compo-Ject Compule Gun.

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