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Introducing Komet® Diamonds & Carbides for Endodontics

Komet® is the world leader in the production of dental rotary instruments with over 95 years of unparalleled manufacturing excellence in the dental industry. Here, we outline instruments useful for endodontic procedures. To learn more about each of these instruments--or the entire line of Komet products--contact your local CRD representative.

endo tracers by komet

Komet® Endo Tracers

Designed to uncover hidden canals and delicately trace the isthmus. The long narrow shaft allows for better visibility. Ideal for calcified canals and finding canals such as the MB2. H1SML Endo Tracers come in either 31 mm or 34 mm lengths and are available in sizes 004, 006 (#1/2), 008 (#1), 010 (#2), 012 (#3) and 014 (#4).

Komet® Safe Ended Tapered Diamonds

851 and 857. For refining and finishing the access preparation, without damaging the floor of the pulp chamber. 

Komet® Safe Ended Tapered Carbides (H269 GK and H269QGK)

Long, tapered bur creates a shape condusive to easier access in the pulp chamber floor. Safe-ended, noncutting tip prevents perforation of the pulp chamber floor. Available on the regular FG shank as well as a longer version: FGL.

Komet® Metal-Cutting Burs 

For cutting through full metal and PFM restorations during endodontic access. (H40, H35L)

Komet® Metal/Ceramic Crown Remover Burs (H162 and H4MCXL)

Cuts through both metal and feldspathic ceramic portions of a PFM restoration and saves having to switch burs from a diamond ceramic cutter to a metal cutter. 

Komet® Lindemann Bone Cutting Bur

Ideal endo surgical bur. The H162ST is an updated, more efficient bone cutting bur. 

Komet® Endo Solutions Kit

Everything you may need for gaining access, widening and finding canals.

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