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Founded in 1923 by the Brasseler brothers, Komet Dental grew from a small company in Lemgo, Germany, into one of the most renowned providers in the dental sector. Today, Komet's comprehensive range of high-quality instruments and services covers almost every need in the fields of general dentistry and endodontics.

a variety of Komet dental diamonds and carbides
Variety of Komet burs

Choose a Premium Brand of Diamonds & Carbides

Since 1923, Komet burs have been comprised of high quality components and manufactured to achieve elevated performance and durability attributes. Reaching more than 100 countries all over the world these days, Komet products are engineered and produced with care in a state-of-the-art facility. Komet production is equipped with hundreds of semi- and fully automatic turning, milling and grinding machines - in short, perfect equipment suited to produce products of outstanding quality.

When using other, lower cost, burs with imperfections due to its inferior manufacturing materials and processes, you may experience lower cutting efficiency and vibrations that are transferred to the operator’s hand as well as the patient. As a result, the quality of dental work may suffer and the whole treatment process can become uncomfortable for a patient.

With Komet, you will be able to:

  • Optimize chair time with high-quality burs that enhance preparation results.
  • Enhance the patient experience by delivering a low-stress appointment and a precise, efficient treatment with minimal discomfort.
  • Reduce instrumentation costs by stocking burs that increase your practice’s productivity.

The Bigger Picture:

Increase productivity, boost profitability and minimize waste, sterilization costs and other overhead costs by choosing the best Komet bur for every procedure.

* Not all Komet burs are represented online. Contact us for a full Komet product portfolio.

Ordering Guides and Bur Menu

Knowing how to read specifications is easier than you think! Most bur companies use the European shape numbering system that describes:

  • overall shape (that includes length);

  • shank;

  • diameter at the widest dimension of the bur.

The colours signify the coarseness (measured in micron size of the grains of diamonds) and/or the application.

Trained CRD representatives can visit your practice at a convenient time with a bur sample wallet – it is the easiest way to choose the best bur option for every procedure.  

Request a Demo

Fill out the form below to request your personalized Komet Demo. Our representatives will visit your practice with a bur wallet displaying the most popular shape configurations. The wallet will provide a visual for the required dimensions and available options for coarseness, length and diameter. Matching what is currently being used to the display version in the wallet helps to narrow down the choice.

The available shapes and sizes of Komet burs will eclipse all other manufactures and we can help you chose the most efficient bur for every procedure.

There's good.

There's better.

Then there's Komet.

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KOMET Dental was founded in 1923 and soon became one of the  largest and most respected providers in the dental sector. Today, Komet Dental offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of rotary dental instruments and systems in the world, including traditional round burs to crown cutters, from composite removers to polishers, from preparation to endodontics. With very few exceptions, Komet Dental  manufactures each of its products at the company’s production site in Lemgo, the home of the family-run company employing more than 1,000 staff. This is where dental quality – made in Germany, yet appreciated all over the world – is created.

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