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Ultradent™ Vit-l-escence™ esthetic restorative material is a composite system that features the fluorescent and opalescent qualities of natural tooth structure. It is a Bis-GMA-based, radiopaque micro-hybrid system with an average particle size of 0.7µm.* Low-translucency, highly fluorescent dentin shades combined with high-translucency, opalescent/translucent enamel shades facilitate superior reproduction of natural teeth. Other features and benefits include:

  • Reproduces natural dentin and enamel exquisitely
  • Performs well for both anterior and posterior restorations
  • Is both creamy and sculptable
  • Polishes beautifully
  • Matches shade guide perfectly
  • Available in 18 dentin shades and 16 enamel shades

*Dependent on modality for particle size measurement.

Indications for Use

Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material is used for direct and indirect esthetic restorations in anterior and posterior sections.

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Vit-l-escence Master Layering Technique

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

  1. For Class IV restorations, veneers, or diastema closures, we recommend a silicon putty matrix fabricated from diagnostic wax-up.

    For Class IV restorations
  2. Use the matrix as a guide for the basic shape of the restoration and to support the initial lingual placement of material.

    Use the matrix as a guide for the basic shape
  3. Use a thin layer of Opaque Snow™ to establish lingual contour and prevent show-through. This is not necessary if tooth structure exists on the lingual wall.

    Use a thin layer of Opaque Snow
  4. Inner dentin body layer includes the basic hue of the exposed dentin. If this is an A2, an A5 would be applied at the cervical and an A4 towards the incisal. Cure and apply basic hue (A2). Create mamelons using a carver.

    Inner dentin body layer
  5. Cover body and extend enamel edge with appropriate translucent shade. To achieve a "halo" (white line at the incisal edge), place a thin roll of Pearl Frost™ or Opaque Snow.

    Cover body and extend enamel edge with appropriate translucent shade
  6. Make final adjustments with multifluted finishing burs. Use Jiffy™ composite cups, points, and disks for smoothing. Polish with Jiffy™ HiShine™ polishers.

    Make final adjustments with multifluted finishing burs

Natural Enamel Opalescence

Vit-l-escence Enamel

Vit-l-escence Enamel.

Vit-l-escence Translucency

Vit-l-escence Translucency

Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative composite material (left) can be even more translucent than porcelain (right).

Anterior Esthetics, Posterior Strength and Durability

Before Vit-l-escence

Before. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Gary Radz)

After Vit-l-escence

After. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Gary Radz)

Before Vit-l-escence

Before. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Altamiro Flávio)

After Vit-l-escence

After. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Altamiro Flávio)

Before Vit-l-escence

Before. (Photo courtesty of Dr. Jaimeé Morgan)

After Vit-l-escence

After. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jaimeé Morgan)

Lifelike Restorations

Using a proven layering technique, Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material allows you to combine enamel shades and dentin shades to create the most lifelike restorations possible. The custom wedge-shaped shade guide is made from the actual composite, so you can determine the appropriate thickness of each layer.

34 Shades

Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material gives you an array of dentin, enamel, and translucent shades to re-create the look of natural teeth. Its extensive catalog includes 34 total shades, giving you almost limitless options.

Exceptional Polishability

Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material features a microhybrid composition that allows it to be polished into an enamel-like gloss.

High Fill Volume

At a 52% fill volume, Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material has a creamy texture for superior handling during cosmetic restorations.

Available in Syringe and Single Delivery

Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material gives you the choice of syringe or single delivery for ease of use.

Unmatched Quality

​The name Ultradent is synonymous with quality. All of their research and development is done in-house. So is their manufacturing and quality control. This allows them to guide and oversee the entire process—from the time an Ultradent innovation is conceived to the time it’s created and packaged for shipping. They have met the strictest standards, and their facility is ISO 9001 certified. This ensures every product performs exactly as it’s supposed to for you and for your patients.

Vit-l-escence enables you to create lifelike restorations to perfectly match any patient’s smile. This case by Dr. Rafael Beolchi demonstrates how to produce natural results using a combination of shades within the Vit-l-escence system.

Dr. Jaimee Morgan demonstrates a three shade composite restoration technique using Ultradent's Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material.

"​As a 30-year vet of trying to make anterior restorations look like teeth and having tried all the 'latest and greatest' new composites over this time, I have found Vit-l-escence to be the only composite with which I can predictably achieve my goal."

Dr. Jack Mullen – Rocky Mount, NC

"​Just the right amount of translucency and pearliness allows invisible blending on enamel margins for posterior restorations. Combined with the easy handling and finishability of your Vit-l-escence products, these shades are truly 'pearl' precious and beautiful."

Dr. Maryann Pittman – Saint Petersburg, FL

"​With Vit-l-escence, I can do Class IV restorations that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. What a great product!"

Dr. Sarah Balser – Columbus, OH

"​The ability to match various shades and nuances of natural teeth has given me the tools to produce results I would not have believed possible. This product alone raised my skill leavel at least two notices higher."

Dr. Harper Jones II – Pendleton, OR

*Vit-l-escence Essentials Kit (Item Number: 745016):

  • 4 x 2.5g Syringe Dentin Shades: 1 each of A1, A2, A3 and B1
  • 5 x 2.5g Syringe Enamel Shades: 1 each of Opaque Snow, Pearl Frost, Pearl Neutral, Trans Mist and Iridescent Blue
  • 1 x 1.2mL Syringe PermaFlo Shades: A4 Translucent
  • 1 x Essentials Shade Guide
  • 1 x Quad Key
  • 1 x Half-Size Syringe Organizer
  • 20 x Micro 20 ga Tips

Browse the entire Vit-l-escence syringe and single dose refill inventory.

*SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT: Product is not stocked in our warehouse and is only requested when an order is placed for said product. This product is ineligible to be returned.

Q: Can I use Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material with the composite system I'm currently using?

A: Absolutely! We recommend augmenting your current composite system with the exclusive Vit-l-escence pearl and translucent shades. Adding these shades to your next restoration will add a value and depth to the final result, leaving your patient with a truly lifelike smile.

Q: In cases where the patient desires a bleached result, which shades do you recommend?

A: A thin layer of Opaque White followed by Pearl Frost will achieve a bleached result. Opaque Snow can also be used as a stand-alone bleach shade in cases where the patient desires very white teeth.