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Curing Lights
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VALO™ Ortho Cordless uses a custom, multiwavelength light-emitting diode (LED) for producing high-intensity light at 385-515nm, which is capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials. This intensity will also penetrate porcelain and is capable of curing underlying resin cements similar to a quality halogen light. The VALO Ortho Cordless curing light uses VALO rechargeable batteries and a battery charger suitable for power outlets from 100 to 240 volts. The handpiece is designed to rest in a standard dental unit bracket or can be custom mounted using the bracket included in the kit. It can also be stored on a countertop or in a drawer. The VALO Ortho Cordless curing light is equipped with a sensor that registers movement of the light; when the light is not being used, the VALO Ortho Cordless curing light will automatically go into sleep mode and when moved will return to the most recently used setting. Other features and benefits include:

  • Unique Xtra Power Quadrant mode quickly and efficiently cures five teeth with one touch of a button
  • Powerful, optimally collimated beam delivers consistent, even cures directly over the labial face of the bracket
  • Slim, low-profile design allows unprecedented access anywhere in the mouth
  • Intuitive timer controls are easy to operate and user-friendly
  • Highly efficient LEDs keep wand body cool to the touch
  • Operates on two inexpensive, rechargeable VALO batteries

Ultradent 5 Year Warranty

Indications for Use

VALO Ortho Cordless is an LED curing light with a broad-spectrum LED pack designed to polymerize all light-cured products in the wavelength range of 385–515nm.

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Low-Profile Design

VALO Low Profile Design

The VALO curing light's low-profile design accesses hard-to-reach areas, even in smaller mouths.

VALO Competitor lights

Competitor lights can cause overstretching of TMJ or soft tissues.

Beam Collimation and Uniformity

VALO light

VALO curing light.

Competitor light A

Competitor curing light A.

Competitor light B

Competitor curing light B.

Competitor light C

Competitor curing light C.

The collimation of a curing light’s beam affects the amount of energy that reaches the restoration site. A beam that disperses will deliver less power than a beam that remains collimated; a dispersed beam can lead to under cured restorations and eventual failures. Unlike its competitors, the VALO curing light delivers optimally and consistently collimated power. With refined optics that create excellent light collimation across the nearly 10mm lens, the VALO light maintains intensity over a greater range of distances.

It is not easy to maintain a specific distance from the restoration, where the typical proximal box is approximately 7mm deep and best practices call for holding the tip of the curing light 2mm from the preparation surface.1 With a superior beam profile, the VALO light ensures more energy is delivered to resin and significantly reduces the possibility that the practitioner will experience distance and offset issues while curing.

In addition to its collimation, a beam’s uniformity affects energy delivery across the restoration site. A beam with hot or cold spots yields inconsistent curing, which can compromise restorations and cause sensitivity. The VALO light’s multiple LEDs and specialized optics produce evenly distributed energy to deliver consistent results, regardless of the restoration type, size, or location.

Spectral Distribution

The VALO curing light uses a custom, multiwavelength light-emitting diode (LED) for producing a high-intensity light at 385-515nm. This LED pack produces true broad-spectrum light, which provides uniform curing across the restoration with two significant peak wavelengths, utilizing two shades of blue and violet required for lower-level initiators. This means that the VALO light is capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials—including camphorquinone and the entire range of proprietary photoinitiators.

As the options for light-cured materials keep expanding, the composition of the materials becomes more and more varied. Aside from camphorquinone, many manufacturers have turned to other photoinitiators particularly for esthetic composites. Photoinitiators such as Lucerin and PPD require low-wavelength light for complete polymerization. With the VALO light’s reliable and proven performance, you can be certain you’ll get a quality cure, regardless of the material.

VALO wavelength

Unprecedented Access

The distance the average adult-male mouth opens is 30mm when working in vivo.2 This limited range, along with the posterior location of many restorations, makes properly positioning a traditional curing light with an oversized head and angled light guide almost impossible.

The VALO curing light’s 5° head angle and large 9.6mm glass lens allow for easy positioning of the light and more surface area to be cured at once, saving time and effort. Because the VALO light’s wand-style body is designed without the addition of a light guide, it reaches all areas of the mouth without requiring you to overstretch a patient’s TMJ and soft tissues—a common problem that can occur with other lights. In addition, the VALO light’s large footprint can cure the entire surface of a Class II posterior preparation in just one exposure.

Complete Cure with Any Composite

When composite is exposed to light, its reaction depends on the composite’s hue, refractive properties, filler type, filler load, and translucency/opacity. Regardless of variations in composite, the VALO LED curing light has the ability to provide a complete cure because of its power distribution and output of broad-spectrum light, which effectively penetrates layers of composite.

VALO Complete Cure

3 Powerful Curing Modes

  • Standard Power: 1000 mW/cm2
  • High Power: 1400 mW/cm2
  • Xtra Power: 3200 mW/cm2

Each of these 3 curing modes offers varying timing intervals to best meet the needs of the clinician and the procedure.

VALO Curing Modes

Proven Performance

In a study,3 the energy delivered to a Class I preparation by 20 dentists with different curing lights was measured with the MARC system,4 the only device available that calculates a curing light’s actual power delivered in a truly simulated curing environment. It provides clinically relevant data to better manage the variables that determine the effective use of curing lights in clinical practice. Through this process, it has been repeatedly shown that the VALO LED curing light consistently delivers more energy in less time. Even with the inevitable variation in curing results among testers, the VALO light delivered more energy more consistently.

1Meyer GR, Ernst CP, Willershausen B. Decrease in power output of new light-emitting diode (LED) curing devices with increasing distance to filling surface. J Adhes Dent. 2002;4(3):197-204.

2Calder I, Picard J, Chapman M, O’Sullivan C, Crockard HA. Mouth opening: a new angle. Anesthesiology. 2003;99(4):799-801.

3Price RB, Felix CM, Whalen JM. Factors affecting the energy delivered to simulated Class I and Class V preparations. J Can Dent Assoc. 2010;76:a94.

4MARC (Managing Accurate Resin Curing) was developed by Dr. R. Price at Dalhousie University and is distributed by BlueLight analytics inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The only light with the power to deliver desired results with every material, every location and by every clinician. VALO: The Right Power in the Right Place.

The award-winning VALO curing light
The only light with the power to deliver desired results with every material, every location and by every clinician. Cure your desire with VALO.

Dr. Dan Fischer discusses the importance of quality restorative work related to the power output and delivery of energy to resin. The VALO LED curing light offers broad-spectrum wavelengths, unmatched accessibility, accuracy and curing efficiency.

Dr. John Flucke Reviews the VALO Curing Light
​Dr. John Flucke is the chief dental editor for Dental Products Report and serves on several review boards within dentistry. Dr. Flucke provided his insights on the VALO curing light and how it benefits a dental practice and patients.

“We love the new VALO Ortho. The quadrant mode and one-second delay are great enhancements for the orthodontist. We have become even more efficient. Thanks for making the VALO even better!”

Dr. Upatham

​"The VALO Ortho is definitely the biggest breakthrough we have implemented in our office's bonding process. I now have access to a high power, 3-second cure at each chair and never have to worry about locating my older cordless versions or hoping they will be charged enough to finish the procedure! The VALO Ortho has also proven to be a major time-saver, not only due to the rapid cure time but also because its sleek design allows easy access to all posterior teeth and is very comfortable to the patient. With new advances like the Xtra Power Quadrant mode, which provides curing of an entire quadrant with a single press of the button, I can't wait to see what they will come up with next."

Dr. Michael Cook

VALO Ortho Cordless Kit (Item Number: 725942):

Q: Is it true that the VALO Ortho curing light works when pointed over the labial face of the bracket?

A: Yes. The VALO Ortho light’s 10 mm lens has a large footprint that allows you to quickly and easily cure from over the top of the labial face of the bracket. The light from the lens covers the bracket and surrounding enamel, illuminating through the enamel and bouncing off the dentin to cure the resin underneath the bracket. This technique eliminates the need to reposition the light and cure from different angles; however, if you prefer to cure interproximally from the mesial/distal sides of the bracket, you will still get a quality cure!

Q: Does the VALO Ortho light work for general dental procedures?

A: Yes, the VALO Ortho curing light works on general dental procedures. It is equipped with Standard mode and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode, both of which are used by our VALO and VALO Cordless curing lights and are used routinely for everyday dental procedures.

Q: How does Xtra Power Quadrant mode work?

A: Xtra Power Quadrant mode is unique to the VALO Ortho curing light and allows you to quickly cure 5 teeth—or one quadrant of the mouth—with the touch of a button. Xtra Power Quadrant mode is equipped with 3,200 mW/cm2 and delivers five 3-second cures in a quick burst. After you press the power button once, the VALO Ortho light illuminates, curing for 3 seconds, followed by a short 1.5-second delay during which you can move to the next tooth. The VALO Ortho light then re-illuminates, delivering another 3-second burst, followed by another 1.5-second delay. This process repeats five times so that you can cure five teeth in a row with minimal effort.

Q: Has anything changed in the curing recommendations?

A: ​Yes! Curing recommendations in standard ortho mode has changed. Testing performed in R&D has proven we can decrease the curing time in standard mode to 1x10-second cure per bracket. This recommendation has been validated both with joules measurement using MARC and tensile pull bond strengths. Our internal tests show 1x10-second cure is more than sufficient. Clinicians who prefer to use standard ortho mode will experience less heat coming from the light with 1x10-second cure as compared to 1x20-second cure.

Q: I have heard complaints about heat, what should I tell customers?

A: The VALO curing light produces high-intensity energy, but does not exceed the energy produced by plasma lights or many competitive lights. The VALO light’s heat emission, even in the Xtra Power mode does not exceed safety standards and is in line with major competitors (see Dental Advisor study).

If heat is an issue for patients, be sure to:

  • Take care to stay away from soft tissues
  • Using a dry line, blow air on the curing site during curing

Q: How does the battery charge work? Will I lose intensity?

A: ​The batteries will always deliver complete power for the light to emit the specified mw/cm2. The intensity will remain the same always. After a LONG period of time if the battery life is wearing down, it will just require more frequent charging (IE cell phone).

Q: The VALO light gave me a low battery indicator when I inserted new batteries.

  • Remove and ensure to re-insert, (+) side first
  • Ensure batteries are charged, indicated by green lights on the charger
  • Try a different set of new batteries

Q: The charger's lights do not light up.

  • Ensure plug is fully inserted in power outlet and full inserted into charger
  • Try a different outlet
  • Call customer support at 888.863.5883

Q: My batteries appear to be charged but the VALO light indicates low battery.

  • ​Try a different set of charged batteries
  • Call Opal customer Service at 888.863.5883

Q: What cleaning agents should I use to clean the VALO curing light?

A: To clean the VALO Ortho Cordless curing light, you should use isopropyl-alcohol based cleaners, ethyl alcohol-based cleaners, Lysol™ Brand III Disinfectant Spray, or another nonbleach, nonabrasive cleaner. Simply wipe the VALO curing light down; do not submerge it. Cavicide™ products may be used, but should be wrung out completely before using. Please note that Cavicide 1 cleaners can fade the colour of the VALO curing light.

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