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Komet® KT CeraTip™ Gingival Tissue Trimming Bur

CRD Item Number: 1902006

Manufacturer SKU: KT.FG.016

Vendor Komet
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The CeraTip™ instrument is made of a mixed ceramic composed of zircon dioxide oxide partly stabilized by yttrium and aluminum ceramic. Komet's CeraTip™ is a simpler and less invasive alternative to controlling gingival hypertrophy. The CeraTip tissue trimmer can be used for mucosal surgery applications, gingivectomy and can replace the use of scalpels and electrosurg.⁣ Other features and benefits include:

  • Bleeding is reduced because, during operation, the instrument tip causes thermal coagulation, sealing the blood vessels
  • Durable one-piece construction prevents premature detachment from a metal support
  • Ergonomically constructed with no metal support to get in the way, the CeraTip can cover all tissue trimming indications
  • The metal-free CeraTip is biocompatible and remains free of corrosion
Indications for Use
  • Exposure of intra-osseous implant sites
  • Dilation of the sulcas following crown build-up
  • Exposure of deep cavities in the neck of the tooth
  • Exposure of impacted teeth
  • Removal of hyperplastic gingiva (papillectomy)
Recommendations for Use
  • Use the CeraTip™ without water to allow the instrument tip to generate heat during rotation. This allows it to produce thermal coagulation and cauterize the tissue while trimming.
  • Work gently in intermittent mode, exerting little pressure. Operate the instrument at optimal speeds of (clockwise) 300.000 - 450.000 rpm.
  • Always clean the instrument with a nylon brush. Metal brushes can leave discoloration caused by friction on the instrument.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

Komet KT CeraTip Gingival Tissue Trimming Bur Implant Komet KT CeraTip Gingival Tissue Trimming Bur Crown Prep

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KT.FG.016: (Item Number: 1902006): available individually.