Komet® KT CeraTip™ Gingival Tissue Trimming Bur

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Manufacturer SKU: KT.FG.016

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The CeraTip™ instrument is made of a mixed ceramic composed of zircon dioxide oxide partly stabilized by yttrium and aluminum ceramic. This high-performance material gives the CeraTip all the properties needed to perfectly trim gingival tissue. Other features and benefits include:

  • Bleeding is reduced because, during operation, the instrument tip causes thermal coagulation, sealing the blood vessels
  • Durable one-piece construction prevents premature detachment from a metal support
  • Ergonomically constructed with no metal support to get in the way, the CeraTip can cover all tissue trimming indications
  • The metal-free CeraTip is biocompatible and remains free of corrosion

Indications for Use

Oral surgery.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

Komet KT CeraTip Gingival Tissue Trimming Bur Implant Komet KT CeraTip Gingival Tissue Trimming Bur Crown Prep

Shank Type

Komet FG Shank Type

Maximum Permissible Speed Legend

Komet Maximum Permissible Speed Guide

KT.FG.016: (Item Number: 1902006): available individually.