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Carbide Burs
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Until recently, composite restorations required three finishing steps, using standard, fine, and ultra-fine finishing instruments. Incorporating an innovative toothing structure, Q-Finishers® made by Komet® reduce composite finishing procedures to just two steps:

  • Step 1: Q-Finisher
  • Step 2: Ultra-fine finishing instrument

Other features and benefits include:

  • Time saving – one step can be omitted
  • Cost savings – only two instruments are needed
  • Special cross-cut toothing – better surface quality is achieved after a single step when compared to that produced after the second step with conventional finishing instruments
  • Smooth, non-cutting tips – tapered instruments H134Q and H135Q with their non-cutting tips assure gentle finishing without damage to the gingiva

For use on the palatal and occlusal surfaces.

Indications for Use

Working on fillings.

Shank Type

Komet FG Shank Type

Maximum Permissible Speed Legend

Komet Maximum Permissible Speed Guide

H379Q.FG.018: 5-Pack (Item Number: 338076)

H379Q.FG.023: 5-Pack (338077)

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