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Item Number: 9-100105
Thermoforming & Tray Materials
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Easy and quick to process, Track® V foils meet the highest quality standards and are perfect for processing with the TRACK® V vacuum thermoforming unit with non-touch temperature control, pre-vacuum and touch panel.

  • Less work steps foils thanks to integrated insulation foil for TRACK® A and B foils
  • Faster processing as no pre-drying and bonding agent is required for TRACK® A and B foils
  • Improved foil composite in TRACK® E thanks to superior mixture of materials
  • Up to 30% less breakage in TRACK® A foils thanks to high elasticity
  • Ideal processing of all foils thanks to high user-friendliness of the TRACK®-V vacuum thermoforming device

Track V Thermoforming Foil chart

Track V Thermoforming Foil chart

Track-V Thermoforming Machine

Track A:

  • 0.5mm 100-Pack (Item Number: 9-100105)
  • 0.63mm 100-Pack (9-100111)
  • 0.8 mm 100-Pack (9-100112)
  • 1mm 100-Pack (9-100113)
  • 1.5mm 50-Pack (9-100114)
  • 3mm 50-Pack (9-100116)

Track B:

  • 0.2mm 30-Pack (9-100106)

Track C:

  • 0.5mm 100-Pack (9-100121)
  • 1mm 100-Pack (9-100123)

Track E:

  • 1.5mm 50-Pack (9-100124)
  • 2mm 50-Pack (9-100125)
  • 3mm 30-Pack (9-100126)

Track Bleach 1mm 100-Pack (9-100127)

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