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Item Number: 027300
Provisional Matrix Materials
Clinician's Choice
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Template® Clear is a water clear matrix material for the fabrication of veneer temporaries. Now you can visually verify if you have the right amount of provisional material and prevent voids or overfill situations that lead to more chair time.

Template Clear is the very best matrix material for veneer temporaries, with excellent flow properties. Template Clear captures the most precise morphology and is especially effective at creating defined margins and minimizing flash.

Template Clear is water clear and provides excellent visibility throughout the provisional process. When used with a Clinician’s Choice clear, non-perforated impression tray you achieve a matrix with a window effect for the ultimate in clarity. This allows you to add more material to prevent voids plus easy light-curing directly through the matrix.

Use Template Clear in the anterior or posterior, for one or multiple restorations. What’s more, no other material is better for the occlusal matrix technique for direct posterior composite restorations.

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Provisional Matrix Technique using Template Clear

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos

  1. Template Clear is best used with a non-perforated clear tray for maximum clarity and can be used in full arch or sectional trays.

    Template Clear Syringing Into Clear Impression Tray
  2. Water-clear Template Clear provides excellent visibility through the provisional process. After loading the clear tray with a provisional composite and reseating, potential voids are easily identified and if a light-cured provisional material is used (i.e. veneer temps), Template Clear's clarity will allow light-curing directly through it.

    Template Clear Seated Intraorally In Clear Tray
  3. The Template Clear matrix within a clear impression tray demonstrating perfect clarity in the anterior.

    Template Clear Anterior Closeup in Clear Impression Tray
2-Pack (Item Number: 027300):
  • 2 x 50mL cartridges
  • Mixing tips

6-Pack (017916):
  • 6 x 50mL cartridges

12-Pack (017912):
  • 12 x 50mL cartridges

Matrix Pack (018904):
  • 2 x 50mL Template cartridges
  • 2 x 50mL Template Clear cartridges
  • Mixing tips

Click here to view the Template Clear Product Sheet.

Click here to view the Template Clear IFU/SDS.

Recommended Tips: 6.5 "T-Mixer" Mixing Tip

Recommended Trays: Clear Trays

Recommended Gun: Dual-Port Impression Gun

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