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Manufacturer Item Number: 208031
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For use in sectional Class II matrix adaptation, the Bioclear™ Twin Ring adapts to a variety of tooth shapes, creates a strong and even tension, has excellent form memory and can be used with any matrix.

The Twin Ring Universal is a major advancement in design and function that will be a welcome upgrade to your Class II composite procedure. The unique design allows the Twin Ring Universal to adapt to a variety of tooth types and shapes, even short molars, short premolars, primary molars, and on top of rubber dam clamps. Other features and benefits include:

  • Unique design allows for very strong separation without hand strain
  • Creates a strong seal and doesn't allow the composite to flow past the gingival margin thus eliminating line angle overhangs
  • Excellent form memory; it is guaranteed to retain its original shape without warping, even after hundreds of uses
  • Adapts and adheres to a variety of tooth types and shapes
  • Can be used with any matrix

Indications for Use

The Bioclear Twin Ring is designed for use in sectional Class II matrix adaptation.

Class II Restoration using the Bioclear Method. Step 8 preview: Place TwinRing.

Place TwinRing

View the full step-by-step Class II Restoration using the Bioclear Method Guide.

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Bioclear Twin Ring Matrix Rings available in the following 2-Packs:

Twin Ring Universal (Item Number: 208435): 2 x Universal Rings

Twin Ring Mixed (208434): 1 x Molar Ring (purple) & 1 x Pre-Molar Ring (yellow)

Twin Ring Molar (208432): 2 x Molar Ring (purple)

Twin Ring Pre-Molar (208433): 2 x Pre-Molar Ring (yellow)

View the clinical technique article The Seven Deadly Sins of Traditional Class II Restorations in Dentistry Today with Dr. David Clark where he discusses multiple benefits of the Bioclear Twin Ring separator.

View the Bioclear Matrix Systems Information Booklet.

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View the Bioclear Method Resource Book. This product is a part of the Bioclear Method by Dr. David Clark.

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