Bioclear™ Magic Mix Pre-Polish

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Bioclear™ Magic Mix is a dual abrasive pre-polish that marginates to the infinity edge and creates the perfect matte finish before moving onto high shine polishing. It's the first of two steps of the Bioclear Rock Star Polish method. Magic Mix is mint flavoured.

Learn more about The Bioclear Method and request a free demo.

21st-century Class III restoration using a Bioclear Matrix with injection molding

Class 3 before


Class 3 after


View the case study 3M 21st-century Class III restoration using a Bioclear Matrix with injection molding by Dr. Young.

Class II Restoration using the Bioclear Method. Step 27 preview: Apply Bioclear Magix Mix Pre-Polish in a disposable cup for further margination and pre-polish.

Apply bioclear magix mix pre-polish

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Watch and follow along with Dr. Kim as she demonstrates how to achieve Bioclear's Rockstar Polish using Bioclear's Magic Mix and RS Polishers.

Learn how to use the Push-Pull Instrument with the Spot Weld Technique, the Go/No-Go Instrument, and the two-step Rockstar Polish.

The Clark Push-Pull instrument is the "light saber" of tools. From teaching to actually using, the Push-Pull instrument is a must have.

Bioclear Magic Mix - Mint Flavour (Item Number: 208526) is sold individually in 150 g tubs.

View clinical technique article The Dawn of Injection Molded Composite Dentistry in Dentistry Today with Dr. Jihyon Kim where she describes the Rock Star polishing method complete with visual examples of the end result (figures 6c & 7c).

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View the clinical product application in the article Predictable Treatment Technique for Solving the Black Triangle Dilemma by Dr. Taras Konanec, DDS.