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MTA Fillapex*

  • Refill (4g syringe)
  • Kit (18g base, 12g catalyst)
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Product Description

Not “just a sealer”anymore.

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MTA Fillapex is dentistry’s first paste:paste MTA-based salicylate resin root canal sealer, versatile for every obturation method. It delivers easily and without waste, and exhibits excellent handling properties with an efficient setting time. Topping the list of desirable attributes is the addition of MTA – the product that does everything right.

Why MTA?

Half of MTA Fillapex’s paste:paste formula contains 13.2% MTA. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) is hands-down the most biocompatible material in endodontics. It yields an impressive, hermetic seal in which the MTA particles expand, preventing microinfiltration. And, MTA simultaneously releases free calcium ions [Ca2+] to accelerate the healing process by stimulating the regeneration of the adjacent tissues.

Why Salicylate Resin?
The other half of MTA Fillapex’s paste:paste formula contains biologically compatible salicylate resin (1,3 butileneglycol disalicylate resin) which is tissue-friendly and therefore a better choice over epoxy-based resins, which have been shown to have mutogenic and more cytotoxic effects.
A Great Combination
MTA Fillapex’s two pastes combine in a homogenous mix to form a rigid, but semi-permeable structure with excess MTA dispersed throughout. The MTA activity is possible because of its permeability. The physical properties of this sealer formula are indisputably favourable.
Unmatched Physical Properties

The Flow.

A complete seal between the canal wall and the obturation material is paramount to the success and longevity of each and every root canal procedure. MTA Fillapex has a high flow rate and a low film thickness, so it easily penetrates the lateral and accessory canals. Regardless of your obturation technique – warm vertical, continuous wave, carrier-based – MTA Fillapex confidently delivers high sealing capability that, unlike other sealers, is not adversely affected by heat.

The Delivery.

Highly homogenous. MTA Fillapex delivers a perfect mix in a perfect dosage every time, thanks to its paste:paste dual barrel system. No more messy mixing, and no risk of a wrong ratio, and no material wastage. Auto mixing tips make for easy and complete application. Ideal work time. MTA Fillapex gives you 35 minutes of working time, perfect for cases with multiple roots canals.

The Rest.

Antibacterial, in two ways. While most sealers erode over time making the root susceptible to microgaps that allow bacteria to re-enter the canal, MTA Fillapex’s solubility is extremely low at 0.1%. It seals and stays. Period. Furthermore, MTA Fillapex exhibits a high pH for extended antibacterial action.

Easy to diagnose, easy to retreat. MTA’s radiopacity exceeds recommended ISO values, so radiographic diagnosis will never be a question mark. And, should retreatment be necessary, MTA Fillapex is easily removed.

Product Features:
  • Flow Rate 27.66 (average diameter) Excellent flow into all areas of canal
  • Working time 35 minutes. Ample time for multiple canals, pre-mixing
  • Setting time 130 minutes, (+/-10)
  • Film thickness Less than ISO maximum. Excellent adaptation to root canal walls
  • Solubility 0.1%. Extremely low solubility ensures reliable marginal seal
  • Radiopacity Exceeds ISO standards. Very high, for excellent radiographic diagnosis.
  • Mixing Paste/paste with auto-mixing tips. Perfect dose and consistency every time, no wasted material, saves time


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