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Territory Account Managers

You can call the Territory Account Manager for your area directly, or call our Head Office at:

TOLL FREE: 1-800-265-3444 | F: 1-800-719-3292

TAM | Territory BC, Greater Vancouver

Ami Salmi

c: 604-368-3030
e: asalmi@clinicalresearchdental.com 

TAM | Territory AB, Greater Edmonton

Mary Corie

c: 780-782-3275
e: mcorie@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory AB, Greater Calgary

Nicole Cuthbert

c: 403-471-3442
e: ndavies@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory Southwestern Ontario

Marisa Stafford

TAM | Territory Mississauga, Oakville, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo

Susan Patey

c: 289-924-1822
e: spatey@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory West Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga

Dianne Jackson

c: 416-910-7002
e: djackson@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory North York, Vaughan, New Market, Barrie, Orillia

Jennifer Keyes

TAM | Territory Downtown Toronto

Alandria Crosby

c: 416-458-8987
e: acrosby@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory Hamilton, Niagara Region

Catherine Brock

c: 289-237-3449
e: cbrock@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory Ottawa

Sylvette Quenneville

TAM | Territory South Shore of Montreal

Claudia Martin

c: 514-805-0578
e: cmartin@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Territory Montreal, Laval, West Island

Adrianne Gervais

c: 514-242-2106
e: agervais@clinicalresearchdental.com  

TAM | Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudiere, Quebec City, Maritimes

Steven Sicilliano


Denice Verschuren

REGIONAL MANAGER | Southern Quebec

Claudia Martin

c: 514-805-0578
e: cmartin@clinicalresearchdental.com  


Scott Dowie

c: 416-561-5948
e: sdowie@clinicalresearchdental.com  

NATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER | Schools & Group Practices

Jennifer Volavka

c: 416-828-4511
e: jvolavka@clinicalresearchdental.com