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Visualize the Results Before You Begin

You do this everyday, with every patient. You design treatment plans to meet your patient's need (and your high professional standards) for function, esthetics, and good oral health. And in the end, you're happy only when your patient leaves with a satisfied smile.

We also visualize the results before we begin... every day, with every client. Our treatment plan for you is designed to consistently provide tried and true techniques with clinically proven products that, together, will solve your daily clinicial problems and improve your dentistry. Like you, we're happy only if you're satisfied with the results you achieve with our products and recommended techniques.

Our commitment to excellence in dentistry is really a commitment to you. We promise to maintain the highest standards of client care. We promise to be at the forefront of innovations in cosmetic dentistry, bringing you not "the latest", but rather "the best" products that will enable you to build the best smiles. And we promise to be a reliable and viable source of information... call us with any product or technique question!

Welcome to Clinical Research Dental. You'll find your old favourites as well as many new, innovative products, all intended to improve the long-term success of dentistry in Canada.