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Tissue Management
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ViscoStat™ is a viscous 20% ferric sulfate coagulative hemostatic gel suited for a variety of dental and oral surgery procedures to arrest surface capillary bleeding. ViscoStat provides profound hemostasis in just a matter of seconds, for most cases.

ViscoStat is formulated with a pH of ~1.0 and contains patented, fumed silica to limit acidic activity for unsurpassed tissue protection.

  • Eliminates sulcular fluid contamination for optimal bonding
  • Unsurpassed kindness to hard and soft tissues
  • Stops bleeding in seconds, saves chair time
  • Unsurpassed for control and healing
  • Excellent for vital pulpotomies
  • Decreases costly impression remakes
  • Lasts for up to 25 minutes
  • Available in Winter Mint or Regular flavours

Indications for Use

ViscoStat is recommended for dental and oral surgery procedures to arrest surface capillary bleeding. Such procedures include fixed prosthodontics, restorative-operative, periodontal treatment, etc. ViscoStat is also recommended for retrofillings, canine impactions, gingivectomies, and as a fixative for pulpotomies. ViscoStat can also be used to prevent leakage caused by sulcular fluid contamination during direct bonding procedures.

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  1. ​Burnish the hemostatic agents firmly against the sulcus until bleeding stops. (No more coagulum forms.)

    Step 1 ViscoStat Procedure
  2. ​A blunt, bent cannula with padded "scrub brush" enables infusing and cleaning in the cut sulcus.

    Step 2 ViscoStat Procedure
  3. Apply firm air/water spray to remove residual coagulum and test tissue for quality, profound hemostasis. If bleeding continues, repeat infusion technique.

    Step 3 ViscoStat Procedure
  4. ​After complete hemostasis has been reached, excellent retraction is achieved through the use of Ultrapak® knitted cord.

    Step 4 ViscoStat Procedure

Tissue Management Is the Key to Quality Direct and Indirect Restorations

achieves hemostasis efficiently

ViscoStat's viscous, non-drip formula achieves hemostasis efficiently. The Metal Dento-Infusor® tip infuses the hemostatic agent into capillaries, forming a cork-like "plug," then wipes coagulum away.

Thoroughly rinsing ViscoStat

Thoroughly rinsing ViscoStat is an important step in testing hemostasis while also creating a field for optimal bonding with no compromise in bond strength.

Hemostasis and Fluid Control

ideal for controlling fluids

ViscoStat and Ultrapak cord are ideal for controlling fluids (blood and sulcular). Use a firm air/water spray to remove excess hemostatic solution.

Successful bonded restoration

Successful bonded restoration, two weeks post-op.

An overview of Ultradent's Tissue Management product line.

"Without a doubt I would be lost without ViscoStat! It quickly stops sulcular bleeding, allowing me to place the Ultrapak cord and get an excellent impression on the first try. It is also great to use when bonding composites near gingival tissues. ViscoStat is a vital part of my crown prep and composite armamentarium."

Dr. Julie Ann Routhier – Savannah, GA

Indispense 30mL Syringe available individually (Item number: 713645):


Q: How fast is hemostasis achieved with ViscoStat?

A: ViscoStat is capable of providing hemostasis in a matter of seconds. Depending on the patient’s periodontal and systemic health, hemostasis may be achieved in as little as 2–3 passes around the sulcus or as many as 20 or 30.

Q: Is ViscoStat more powerful than Astringedent?

A: Yes. ViscoStat is a 20% ferric sulfate solution, and Astringedent is a 15.5% ferric sulfate solution.

Click here to view the Viscostat MSDS.

Recommended Tips: Metal Dento-Infuser Tip

Recommended Syringes: 1.2mL Empty Syringe Refill

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