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Shade Matching Units
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Rite-Lite 2™ HI CRI Shade Matching Unit incorporates diffused L.E.D. technology to simulate various lighting conditions to aid in the matching of teeth and all types of dental restorations.

Rite-Lite 2 offers three modes of light for shade taking:

1. Colour-corrected light at a colour temperature of 5500◦ Kelvin.

2. Incandescent – room light at 3200◦ Kelvin, found in many indoor environments

3. Ambient light at 3900◦ Kelvin. This is a combination of room light and daylight

  • Simulates 3 lighting conditions from one source
  • Provides consistent lighting conditions between dental office and dental lab
  • Controlled viewing area
  • Reduces glare and reflective highlights
  • Easy toggle between 3 lighting conditions with one-touch control
  • Neutralizing colour tabs included
  • Battery operated, readily available 2 – AA batteries
  • L.E.D. provides full power instantly
  • Portable

RiteLite 2 is also available with a polarizing filter attachment to eliminate reflection, and enhance visualisation of tooth colour and internal details.

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Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI Shade Taking Light Demonstration.

Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI unit (Item Number: 438105)

Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI unit with Polarizing Filter (438101)

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