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CRD Item Number: 3309000
Diamond Burs
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Predator® Zirconia diamond burs are manufactured using a robust bonding technology process that provides maximum cutting efficiency and effortless access for endodontic treatment and zirconia crown removal.

Predator Zirconia offers maximum performance, greater efficiency and superior longevity. Premium natural diamond particles have sharper cutting edges and are orientated to the most effective cutting angles to expose more cutting surfaces. Predator Zirconia is clinically proven to cut with 41% less force than leading competitors. Often only one Predator Zirconia bur is required to access or remove a Zirconia-based restoration.

Each bur has a unique black protective coating that insulates the nickel plating for a significant reduction in friction and heat build-up. This also ensures superior cutting efficiency by allowing the diamond particles to remain bonded to the bur shank.

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Predator Zirconia Clinical

Cuts through zirconia in as little as 10 seconds.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos.

Predator Zirconia Burs Size Chart


Kit (Item Number: 3309000):

  • 1 x Medium Grit 2-Tapered Fissure (Z856-018M)
  • 1 x Fine Grit 2-Tapered Fissure (Z856-018F)
  • 1 x Medium Grit Football Round (Z368-023M)
  • 1 x Fine Grit Football Round (Z368-023F)
  • 1 x Medium Grit Ball (Z801-018M)
  • 1 x Fine Grit Ball (Z801-018F)
  • 1 x Medium Grit Inverted Cone (Z807-018M)
  • 1 x Fine Grit Inverted Cone (Z807-018F)

Individual bur refills available in 5-pack quantities:

  • Z801-014 Fine (3309401)
  • Z801-014 Medium (3309814)
  • Z801-018 Fine (3309821)
  • Z801-018 Medium (3309801)
  • Z801-023 Fine (3309301)
  • Z801-023 Medium (3309823)
  • Z807-018 Fine (3309827)
  • Z807-018 Medium (3309807)
  • Z856-018 Fine (3309826)
  • Z856-018 Medium (3309856)
  • Z856-022 Fine (3309256)
  • Z856-022 Medium (3302856)
  • Z862-014 Fine (3309462)
  • Z862-014 Medium (3309862)
  • Z878K-021 Fine (3309178)
  • Z878K-021 Medium (3309878)
  • Z368-023 Fine (3309328)
  • Z268-023 Medium (3309368)

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