CRD Item Number: 541512
Manufacturer Item Number: 401112
Composite Finishing
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FlexiDiscs™ are extra thin and flexible aluminum oxide abrasive discs that give you more control and an unbeatable final polish. With their amazing flexibility, you can apply these discs at extreme angles and maneuver easily into previously inaccessible areas without damaging gingival tissue. Other features and benefits include:

  • Ideal for interproximal contouring and for shaping incisal edges and marginal ridges
  • Create a high polish on dental composites
  • Ultra-thin to help you maneuver into hard-to-reach areas
  • Discs quickly snap back to their original shape without distortion
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Fit a standard Moore's mandrel
  • Colour-coded to make grit identification and selection easy
  • Available in three sizes and four aluminum oxide grits: coarse (grey), medium (blue), fine (yellow), and superfine (pink) for finishing and polishing all composites and metals.

Reality Four Star Award
Flexi Disc Regular clinical
FlexiDisc guide

Dr. Tracey Nguyen explains clinical advantages for finishing and polishing restorations using Cosmedent FlexiDiscs.

FlexiDisc Refills come in the following grits/sizes and include 100 per tube:

  • Coarse (Grey) - 1/2" (Item Number: 541512), 5/8" (541558)
  • Medium (Blue) - 1/2" (542512), 5/8" (542558)
  • Fine (Yellow) - 1/2" (543512), 3/4" (543534), 5/8" (543558)
  • Superfine (Pink) - 1/2" (544512), 3/4" (544534), 5/8" (544558)
  • Coarse (Sand) - 5/8" (545558)

Recommended Mandrels: FlexiDisc Regular Mandrels

Also Available in Kits: FlexiDisc Regular Finishing & Polishing Disc Kits

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