Clinician's Choice® AdvantEdge-L Carbide/Diamond Tipped Sectional Matrix Band Forceps

CRD Item Number: 202306

Manufacturer SKU: 202306

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The precision-engineered Uni-Band AdvantEdge-L forceps give you the secure control you need to easily place, manipulate, and remove sectional matrix bands during Class II restorations – all with one simple instrument. Other benefits include:

  • Finger-controlled locking mechanism makes picking up, placing, and release of the matrix band simple and efficient
  • Convex handle design prevents distortion and frequent reconditioning/reshaping
  • Wide jaw provides more of a gripping surface improving ease of placement and adding to the gripping force needed for removal of the band in tight contact situations
  • Serrated carbide upper jaw and diamond dusted lower jaw, when fully closed, deliver an incredible gripping power of up to 40 p.s.i.

AdvantEdge-L (Item Number: 202306) is available as a single unit.