Kuraray® Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow Flowable Restorative Composite

CRD Item Number: 607631

Manufacturer SKU: 3301-KA

Vendor Kuraray
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Cleafil Majesty™ ES Flow is a new, light-cure, universal flowable composite that is more than a liner/base. With its superior durability and esthetics, Cleafil Majesty ES Flow can be used in class 1, 2, and occlusal surface restorations, as well as class 5 restorations.

Cleafil Majesty ES Flow is easy to polish by wiping the cured resin with an ethanol-soaked gauze or cotton roll, making it simple to incorporate into the clinical workflow.

Cleafil Majesty ES Flow contains special submicron fillers that are treated with a proprietary silane coupling agent, giving the product excellent mechanical properties. Available in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, KA6, B1, B2, XW, and W. These shades correspond with Kuraray’s Cleafil Majesty ES-2 shade guide. Other features and benefits include:

  • Extremely high filler loading and low viscosity
  • High Polish Retention
  • High Gloss
  • Low shrinkage and high mechanical properties (strength, wear resistance, durability)
  • Multiple uses including as a universal composite resin
  • Excellent consistency (appropriate flowability, that is not runny or sticky)
  • Easy handling (bubble-free and controllable) with the new dispensing syringe
  • Versatile shade selection for multiple uses

Indications for Use
  • Direct restorations for anterior and posterior teeth (Class l-lll, V cavities, cervical caries, root erosion)
  • Cavity base/liner
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges and composite resin

Kuraray Cleafil Majesty ES Flow is available in the following 2.7 g syringe shades:

  • A1 (Item Number: 607631)
  • A2 (607637)
  • A3 (607638)