Cosmedent® FlexiDisc™ Mini Finishing & Polishing Disc Refills

CRD Item Number: 531538

Manufacturer SKU: 402138

Vendor Cosmedent
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FlexiDisc™ Mini are extra thin and flexible aluminum oxide discs that give you more control and an unbeatable final polish. FlexiDisc Mini's have a smaller centre to give you more polishing surface. Other features and benefits include:

  • A small 'mini' center for more polishing surface
  • Thin, flexible and resilient
  • Vivid colour coding saves chair time by making grit selection easy
  • Great finish and polish in free margins, causing no damage to tissue
  • Can be used wet or dry with a low speed, high-torque handpiece
  • Aluminum oxide particles are embedded on the mylar surface

Reality Four Star Award

Product Review - Cosmedent FlexiDiscs. Learn why Dr. Tracey Nguyen thinks that Cosmedent has the market in finishing and polishing products.

How to get a better polish on your next composite restoration with Dr. Jason Smithson.

Rhodri Thomas, BDS presents a peg lateral case where he uses a matrix band to create a good contact point. Dr. Thomas shows how to build dentin layers with Renamel Microhybrid and then demonstrates two different ways of creating halos with tints on one tooth, and a halo with opaquers on another. He finishes the case with Renamel Microfill and polishing with FlexiDisc Mini Polishers

FlexiDisc Mini Refills, including 100 discs per tube:

  • Coarse (Grey) 3/8" (Item Number: 531538), 1/2" (531512), 5/8" (531558)
  • Medium (Blue) 3/8" (532538), 1/2" (532512), 5/8" (532558)
  • Fine (Yellow) 3/8" (533538), 1/2" (533512), 5/8" (533558)
  • Superfine (Pink) 3/8" (534538), 1/2" (534512), 5/8" (534558)
  • Coarse (Sand) 5/8" (535558)
  • Extrafine (Garnet) 5/8" (536558)

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Available in Kits: FlexiDisc Mini Finishing & Polishing Disc Kits

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