CRD Item Number: 208907
Manufacturer Item Number: 818081
Posterior Sectional Matrix Kit
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The Bioclear™ Complete Biofit HD Posterior Matrix System Kit contains the entire range of Biofit HD Matrices (appropriate for 75% of posterior molar cases) and also includes Diamond Wedges (which have strong separation yet require less effort to place than traditional wedges) and Twin Rings (comprised of strong, long-lived twin NiTi wires).

Indications for Use

The Bioclear Complete Biofit HD Posterior Matrix System Kit is used to create snug, broad, and comfortable contacts in posterior restorations.

This video will teach you about proper Bioclear Matrix placement. You'll also learn about the more conservative modern class II preparation that is uniquely suited to the Bioclear Method.

View the clinical technique article The Seven Deadly Sins of Traditional Class II Restorations in Dentistry Today with Dr. David Clark where he demonstrates the Bioclear Posterior Matrix System.

View the Bioclear Matrix Systems Information Booklet.

View the Bioclear Posterior Composite System IFU.

View the Bioclear Matrix Systems SDS.

View the Bioclear Diamond Wedges SDS.

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