CRD Item Number: 3-106211
Manufacturer Item Number: 71539
Impression Materials
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Imprint™ 4 Preliminary VPS Impression Material is ideal for all alginate indications but features easier handling and accuracy compared to alginate products, with a fresh mint flavour, easy-to-read colour, and is scannable with chairside and standalone scanners.

  • Control of time:  Pouring when convenient due to long-term dimensional stability and multiple pours for easy remakes of models and provisional
  • Control of procedure: high hydrophilicity for easy model pouring and easy disinfection
  • Control of Impression: clean and convenient auto-mixing for homogeneous void-free mixing

Suggested Applications:
  • Provisional crown and bridge impressions
  • Orthodontic Impressions
  • Impressions for bleaching trays and mouth guards
  • Opposing jaw impressions
Super Quick setting time, Medium Body. Working time of 1 minute. Intra-oral setting time of 1:30 minutes:
  • 3M Imprint4 Preliminary Super Quick VPS (Item Number: 3-106212): 10 x 50mL cartridges.
  • 3M Imprint4 Preliminary Super Quick VPS (3-106214): 30 x 50mL cartridges.

Regular setting time, Medium Body. Working time of 1:30 minutes. Intra-oral setting time of 2 minutes:
  • 3M Imprint4 Preliminary VPS (3-106211): 10 x 50mL cartridges.
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