CRD Item Number: 3-107120
Manufacturer Item Number: 1492V
Test Strips & Bio Monitors
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The 3M™ Attest™ Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicator is a self‑contained biological indicator specifically designed for rapid and reliable qualification testing and routine monitoring of 132°C (270°F) and 135°C (275°F) steam sterilization processes when used in conjunction with the 3M Attest Auto‑reader 490 or the 3M Attest Auto-reader 490M having software version 4.2.7 or greater. The self‑contained design includes a carrier with spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus and a media ampoule containing bacteriological media. The spore carrier and media ampoule are contained in a plastic vial. A chemical process indicator which changes from pink to light brown or darker upon exposure to steam is located on the top of the cap.

After processing, the biological indicator is activated and incubated in the 3M Attest Auto-reader. A final negative reading after the specified incubation period indicates an acceptable sterilization process. Other features and benefits include:

  • Provides BI results in 24 minutes
  • Meets ISO and FDA performance requirements for biological indicators
  • Contains viable organisms that provide a direct measure of lethality
  • Puts your instrument turnaround speed into overdrive for improved patient safety

Indications for Use

1492V: for monitoring 132°C (270°F) 3- or 4-minute and 135°C (275°F) 3-minute dynamic-air-removal (pre‑vacuum and steam-flush pressure-pulse (SFPP)) steam sterilization cycles (Brown Cap).

1491: for monitoring 132°C (270°F) and 135°C (275°F) 3-minute and 10-minute gravity-displacement steam sterilization cycles (Blue Cap).

The new 24-minute Dual System works with Any-Well technology, which means Attest 1491 or 1492V (for steam) BIs can be incubated in any well of the reader at the same time. View this training video to learn more.

3M Attest Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicator, 1492V brown cap (Item Number: 3-107120): 50-Pack.

3M Attest Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicator, 1491 blue cap (Item Number: 3-107108): 50-Pack.

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