CRD Item Number: 386860
Manufacturer Item Number: FS0006860
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Transcodent™ Painless Steel® Dental Injection Needles are disposable and sterile needles for the delivery of anesthetic. Each hub has a bevel marking for an optional injection position that reduces the risk of tissue damage. Each needle-container has a sterility heat-seal, LOT No. and expiry date. The Painless Steel Injection Needles are certified and manufactured according to European Standard ISO/ DIN 7885. Ease patient anxiety and build stronger loyality with these surgically crafted dental injection needles.

Better comfort, no anxiety.

  • Bevel mark: for an optimal injection position.
  • Three-edge lancet grinding: the needle penetrates the tissue easily.
  • Siliconized canula: the needle glides smoothly.
  • Threaded hub: ensures secure fit and easy handling.
  • Heat-sealed Needle-container: Using heat sealing eliminates the possibility of contaminating the needle with paper particles of a band.

Painless Steel Needles. 100-Pack. Available in 6 sizes:

  • 30g X-Short: Blue - Intraligamentary anesthesia (Item Number: 386860)
  • 30g Short: Blue - Infiltration anesthesia (386861)
  • 27g Short: Yellow - Infiltration anesthesia (386862)
  • 27g Long: Yellow - Nerve block anesthesia (386863)
  • 25g Short: Red - Infiltration anesthesia (386864)
  • 25g Long: Red - Nerve block anesthesia (386865)
Painless Steel size chart
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