1. Never let the simplicity of bleaching undermine your enthusiasm for what it provides.

There is no other cosmetic procedure that is as rejuvenating as removing years of stain from a patients smile. I like to compare whitening to a skin care program. If I told you that if you used this skin care program every night for 2 weeks and it would take years of wrinkles off your face, would you do it? It’s interesting that we invest so much money in products that generally don’t do what they promise, and we keep using them. With whitening products, you have a 97% chance of having successful results. Even if a patient needs to extend the bleaching regimen 6 -12 months to remove difficult stains like tetracycline, it’s worth it.

2. Educate everyone on your staff about whitening, and make sure they have whitened their own smiles.

Encourage staff members to wear custom trays at work or Opal Go so they can show patients how easy and comfortable it is.

3. Use visual aids throughout the office.

Display the Opal Go kits! The packaging is beautiful and patients will ask questions about it, which allows you to wow them with your knowledge and enthusiasm. I love to use my patient’s before and after bleaching pictures in the treatment rooms as well as the reception area. It gets them asking questions about how we obtained the results.

4. I ask every patient if they have whitened their teeth before. 

Patients frequently respond with, "I tried to bleach using strips but I was so sensitive I had to stop." This allows me to tell them about our bleaching program and protocol and how it differs from OTC products."

5. Get your hygienists to talk about bleaching while they are cleaning the patient's teeth.

Talk about the research, the safety and efficacy. No one else in the office has the luxury of spending that much time with a patient. Use that time wisely.

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