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Mini In-Office Clinics



CLINICAL RESEARCH DENTAL offers high-energy, interactive in-office mini clinics designed to provide you and your staff with a refresher on dental best practice techinques and procedures.

Our fast, fun, and informative mini clinics ensure that your team is well empowered and motivated to deliver extraordinary dentistry. 

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Choose from the following courses:    

The Basics on Cleaning, Shaping & Obturating Root Canals

What's the best way to irrigate the canal? What are the advantages of resin-based obturation techniques? Over the last 15 years, a number of new endodontic products and systems have emerged to enhance the efficiency and the success of root canal therapy for general practitioners. This presentation will review some basic principles of cleaning, shaping, and obturation, with a look at some new and clinically proven products and techniques.

Fast & Cost-Efficient Temporization

Have you ever fabricated provisional restorations with heavy or open occlusal contacts? Have you ever found it a challenge to maintain tight interproximal contacts? How much do you charge to replace temporary restorations that crack or fail? This program will present systems for the fabrication of crown & bridge temporary restorations that lead to increased productivity, and time saving procedures that provide predictable clinical results.

Accurate & Predictable Impressions

This teaching module will explain how to select the ideal impression materials, bite registration materials, and alginate replacement materials. It also reviews common impression challenges and time-saving, accurate solutions.

Adhesives & Etchants

With over 50 different bonding agents on the market today spread across 7 generations it can be difficult to make a decision on which product to use, when to use it, and for what application. This program will discuss the differences between each generation of dentin adhesives including their pros and cons. What makes 4th and 5th generation adhesives more technique sensitive? What steps can you take to avoid post op sensitivity? What is the right protocol for ensuring proper enamel and dentin conditioning?

The Rationale for Fibre Posts

Which post? Which cement, bond, and core material? Are prefabricated metal posts and cast post, and cores passe? Is there a need to use separate cement and core materials? This presentation will show a detailed and predictable clinical technique for reliable results when using fibre posts.


Tooth Whitening

This presentation provides a summary on the current status of whitening. Does everyone whiten the same? What can you expect from in-office whitening? How can you minimize sensitivity and maximize comfort for your patients? We'll also demonstrate a very affordable alternative for patients who cannot afford custom whitening trays.

To book a mini clinic appointment, call your local Territory Account Manager, or call us at 1-800-265-3444. Note: Due to geographic logistics, we are only able to offer mini clinics in areas that are currently serviced by our Territory Account Managers. For a list of these areas, please go to our Customer Service page.